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  • Do you want to make new friends but often feel like an outsider at large social events?

  • Do you hesitate approaching people because everyone seems to be in their own “cliques?”

  • Do you get stuck in conversation with people you’re not interested in for way too long?

  • Do you ever go to an event and feel invisible, & walk away wishing more people approached & engaged you in conversation?

Speed friending events overcome ALL of that. Because you’re meeting people one on one for 5 minutes, you are no longer responsible for approaching, or ending the conversation. I as the event host will do that for you. There are no cliques, just low pressure easy one on one conversations to which you’re provided a fun prompt.

As you know, meaningful relationships are scientifically proven to be a top 5 factor in determining happiness and life satisfaction.

Our goal is to help people connect and develop meaningful relationships with their peers to increase their level of self actualization, empowering them to be their best selves!
Our events facilitate people’s ability to form a large number of meaningful connections, and teach them social skills, crucial to their ability to form strong friendships.

Event Outcomes for Attendees:

Attendees get 5 minutes of one-on-one time with an amazing person! When the bell rings, participants rotate to the next table and meet their new friend. By the end of the day, participants will have met 20+ potential new friends !

Each Switch I announce a prompt question which helps facilitate a meaningful conversation between attendees. (The prompt question is optional giving people the option to steer their own conversations!)

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Is Speed Friending Right for You?

About Twin Cities Speed Friending

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