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Speed Friending Testimonials

Josh Hubbard


Speed Friending is probably the smoothest way to meet the friends you didn't know you had in the Twin Cities. It was a blast getting to know all the cheerful faces who had both shared and diverse passions, goals and ideas. The atmosphere was both welcoming and friendly,and was a true sanctuary for networking and building strong friendships.

Tony Kennedy

I wish to go, but I close back at work tomorrow

John Chritton

I barely know anyone in the area, and wanted to find some awesome people to talk to and hang out with. I'm happy to say that after just one speed friending meetup, I have the opposite problem: I can't seem to keep up with talking to all the great people I met at the same time! I'm really excited for future events, and would recommend them to anyone who wants a low-pressure, zero-judgment way to get to know a lot of fantastic new people

Madeline Chessario

Barista costs money. .never mind..have fun!

Christina Grimsley

Event Manager at JW Marriott

Speed friending was exciting and exhilarating for me. I love meeting new people, but being new to the cities I was having a hard time finding my community. The event format was fun and laid back. I felt that I could be myself because we were all in a similar situation – a little nervous and yet wanting community and taking action (i.e. getting off the couch on a Tuesday night ;)). As a result of attending 5 Speed Friending events, I've improved my communication and interpersonal skills and built a lasting core group of friends here in the Twin Cities! Thank you Misha Estrin!

Corey Adam

City, State

How do you create so many RSVPs to an event? I'm lucky enough if two or more people come to my events



This was my first experience with Speed Friending and it went much better than expected, and I expected good things!  I decided to dress up and even people who didn't know the character complimented me. It made me feel good to know I can dress up and not be judged! Everyone was easy & fun to talk to and the environment very jovial and friendly. Even ate at a restaurant down the street with a group I had met only an hour before and it was a blast! Already looking forward to the next event.

Zach Norman

Field Service Technician

Perfect this should work much faster at getting me friend zoned

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